Dryer, Bathroom & Kitchen Exhaust Vent Maintenance


Dryer Vent w/ Guard
  • With better air flow, the appliance works more efficiently — dryer clothes, more air vented out, lower utility bills.
  • Reduces fire risks … Reduces chances for appliance overheating from lack of ventilation.


  • Inspect exterior exhaust vents …. exterior vents should be fitted with a damper (flap that closes when no air is flowing) and/or guard to prevent small animals from entering.  Clean lint and other debris from vent.  These vents are located either on the side, soffit / eave, or roof of your home.
  • Interior (Dryer) — It is strongly recommended to clear the lint filter after each use.  The following video reviews overall dryer vent maintenance (recommended twice / year).  Dryer Vent Maintenance.
  • Interior (Bathrooms) — In March, take the faceplate over off the vent (in most cases it should pull down) with the light off (it could be Hot!) and vacuum around the inside.  In November, you should be able to get by with just vacuuming the faceplate without taking it off.  See this video regarding cleaning.
  • Interior (Cook-top) — In both March and November, you should clean the metal mesh filter in a sink full of how water with Dawn soap, or put it in a dishwasher and run on “Pot Scrubber” mode.  To learn more about vent and cook-top cleaning, see this video.

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