Exterior Face Lift Wildwood

This project initially started with repairing the siding on the converted garage and painting.  After further planning and modeling with our client, it was decided to add windows to brighten up the interior of the home plus freshen the look of the exterior.  As we got into the project, damaged insulation was found along with a way to flood under the garage wall.  The footer was sealed but would recommend when someone does convert a garage to either concrete it in to match the level of the house or pour a concrete footer that would act as a moisture barrier.  With new insulation, a moisture barrier/wrap, LP “Smart” Siding / Trim (50-year material warranty), shutters and paint (all trim and siding), the home looked like the newest home on the block.  See the following 1-minute video for a brief project overview.
PROJECT:        Exterior Facelift (Arlington, Texas)
HOME:              1800 sf built 1963
OBJECTIVE:  Update Exterior and Bring Light into the Interior
DURATION:   5 Days

The following photo gallery shows the before pictures along with the resulting work.  You can “click” on the 1st photo and a slideshow will begin or “click” on a specific photo to enlarge and see any additional information.

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