Kitchen Remodel Meadowview

This is a complete kitchen remodel that involved gutting the kitchen and re-configuring walls and removing a side entry in order to increase the overall size of the kitchen, as well as, incorporate the kitchen in with the family room.  Flooring was changed throughout including formal living and dining.  The following is a brief video review of the project.

 PROJECT:        Kitchen Remodel (Colleyville, Texas)
HOME:               3870 sf built in 1989
OBJECTIVE: Complete Kitchen Remodel
DURATION:   45 Days

The following photo gallery shows the initial design and the resulting work.  You can “click” on each photo to enlarge and see any additional information.  Further scope details and lessons learned follow below.

  • Structural – Incorporate side entry alcove to be part of kitchen which required structural beams added to support a larger span across the room (that supports the 2nd floor bedrooms) and keep the ceiling look clean (clean lines from kitchen to family room).   Removed kitchen windows to gain more wall space — re-bricked exterior to match.
  • Cabinets – Semi-custom cabinets that were factory finished.  Assembled and trimmed on site.
  • Countertops – Granite with custom-sized sink.
  • Backsplash – Natural stone with inserts.  The front of the bar was done with dry-stack stones that also were used on the fireplace.
  • Electrical – Replace all switches and plugs with Decora™ outlets.  Re-located a number of outlets and switches to accommodate new design.  Added floor plug in formal living area.
  • Lighting – Sealed recessed cans through-out kitchen with under-cabinet task lighting.  Spot light added to feature custom-tiled vent hood.  Some fixtures moved to be centered based on new design.
  • Appliances – All new stainless steel appliances incorporating convection oven, warmer, chef gas range, refrigerator, dishwasher and wine cooler.
  • Plumbing – Relocation in slab to accommodate new design.  Removed water heater in attic that was not needed.
  • Walls – Repaired all walls and ceilings after structural work completed.  Custom faux finish on walls.
  • Flooring – New wood flooring (laminate with hand-scraped design) throughout area except for natural stone installed in kitchen.
  • Vent Hood — The original plan was to install the dry-stack stone on the hood.  After completing, the room seemed to have to much of the dry-stack look — so … that approach was aborted and a more finished look with tile was the end result.
  • Project Time — The feedback from our client was that this overall project was completed rather quickly (able to do quickly with all materials on-site) — referring to other projects the client has heard about taking up to 180 days.  But, with a project of this size, be prepared for lots of construction dust — and a thorough cleaning upon completion (incorporated in our project scope).

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