Tips for Choosing the Best Lighting in Every Room

Lighting 11-06-28Lighting can make a dramatic difference in every room of your house.   Here are some simple tips and ideas to help you make the most of your lighting, space and style.


Foyer, Halls and Stairways

  • Bring your artwork to life with halogen track lighting or adjustable recessed lighting.
  • Be sure to choose the best fit for your space.  It’s all about proportion, style and function.
  • A simple dimmer switch helps set the tone of any room.

Living Area

  • Use increased wattage in areas used for reading and entertaining guests.  Add a little more bulb power to brighten up dark colored rooms.
  • Recessed lighting is great for general purpose living spaces, such as playrooms or television areas.
  • Track lighting is a popular choice when highlighting architectural features and/or artwork.

Dining Room

  • Choose an appropriate style and size chandelier or pendant light for your dining area. (Note: Chandeliers should be hang approximately 30” above your table)
  • Add a dimmer switch to help set the tone (dimly lit for formal occasions).
  • Smaller recessed lighting or accent lights are a nice touch for buffet displays and china cabinets.


  • A glass pendant provides ample “up-lighting” to cover the entire dinette or bar area.
  • A bright kitchen is a cheerful kitchen. Great cooks like to show off their great food.  Sometimes this can be accomplished by just installing “Bright” or “Sunlight” CFL bulbs to provide the best light and the lowest cost.
  • Use higher wattage bulbs in task areas or install recess lighting to keep you inspired.

Bath and Vanity

  • Everyday starts in the bathroom, so be sure to light it well with more than one overhead light.
  • For ambient light that helps reduce shadows on your face, choose wall sconces or fixtures that can be placed just above eye level.
  • A crisp white light renders skin tones most accurately.

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