Garage Office Conversion

What a difference the front of this detached garage office had after replacing the doors.  The primary objective was to add more light into the office area while making the overall look of the building seem more like a pool house.  After replacing the 16′ wide garage door with 2 French Doors, the look was definitely changed.


  • Garaged Door Floor Slant — Make sure the doors are positioned to fully open.  This garage floor had a slant near the opening — which meant the new doors had to be installed approximately 1″ higher so they would fully open, not scrapping against the floor.
  • Garage Door Opening — Need to make sure the new doors will fit in the opening, especially height-wise — especially after having to deal with the floor slant issue.  In this case, the top of the door jams had to be trimmed so they would fit after being raised to address the floor slant issue.

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