Kitchen Remodel Highland Hills

PROJECT:        Kitchen Remodel (Colleyville, Texas)
HOME:              3210 sf built in 1991
OBJECTIVE: Update kitchen with unique bar focal point
DURATION:   20 Days

 The following photo gallery shows the before pictures, some pictures during construction, and the resulting work.  You can “click” on each photo to enlarge and see any additional information.  Further scope details and lessons learned follow below.


  • Structural – Relocated cabinets with refrigerator location.  Custom-made bubble wall.
  • Cabinets – Sink cabinet “box” was replaced due to severe water damage.  Touch-up stain applied to sink cabinet as well as cabinet and new trim where refrigerator was re-located.
  • Countertops – Replace with Black Galaxy granite
  • Backsplash – Diamond pattern of 12×12 tiles with metallic tile inserts.
  • Electrical – Replace all switches and plugs with Decora™ outlets and wired in Bubble wall.  Under-cabinet TV was wired and installed.
  • Lighting – Replaced ceiling florescent light box with can lights.  Installed pendant lights on track above bubble wall along with under-cabinet task lighting.
  • Appliances – Under-cabinet TV.  All other appliances were kept.
  • Plumbing – Manufacturing and installation of custom bubble wall
  • Walls – Remove wallpaper and texture / paint.  Repair ceiling where previous light strip installed.
  • Flooring – Replaced with 18×18″ ceramic tile


  • Bubble Wall The bubble wall installation was custom, all the wall from enclosure, the water wall to lighting.  As of this writing 4 years later, the bubble wall is still operational.  The only issues have been modifying the wall for easier access to fill with water and LED lights going out (replaced).

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