Kitchen Remodel Lakeside

PROJECT:        Kitchen Remodel (Colleyville, Texas)
HOME:               5900 sf built in 1986
OBJECTIVE: Re-color Stained Cabinets, Remodel Lighting / Venting, and Painting
DURATION:   10 Days

The following photo gallery shows the color change objectives and the resulting work.  You can “click” on each photo to enlarge and see any additional information.  Further scope details and lessons learned follow below.

  • Structural – Replace large light box with florescent fixtures with new modern vent / hood.  Client needed additional venting due to the type and amount of cooking done in the home.
  • Cabinets – Changed stain color of cabinets.  This also included changing the stain color inside the cabinets that had glass doors.
  • Countertops – N/A
  • Backsplash – N/A
  • Electrical – Replaced some outlets with new Decora-styled fixtures
  • Lighting – New 6″ can lights installed with “Day-Light” CFL bulbs which brightened the kitchen quite a bit.  In addition, re-configured some under-cabinet lighting.
  • Appliances – N/A
  • Plumbing – N/A
  • Walls – Repaired where construction was done and painted the entire room (walls and ceiling) to ensure color match throughout.
  • Flooring – N/A
  • Vent Hood —  The new modern vent-hood updated the look of the overall kitchen.  It is important to note that you need to limit the number of “turns” the vent line takes to reach the outside …. and you cannot use flex-line duct — must be rigid lines.
  • Stained Cabinets — It is important to have a finalized stain color — best done on similar raw wood material (oak in this case).  Once done, our paint team can tweek the color of the stain to blend the color of the existing cabinet to the new stain color.  Once you get the stain color correct, you still need to apply 2 or more coats of poly to seal.

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