Outdoor Living Hardscape — PIRZ-09

Colleyville Hardscape Project

You ever had a corner of your back yard that had a high maintenance fish pond and you just couldn’t get “that look” you wanted.  Our Colleyville client wanted to lower the overall landscape maintenance efforts and have a clean look for a retreat in the backyard.  We filled in the pond and removed a significant amount of shrubbery (kept enough for privacy) and opened up the entire area.  The following pictures show the progress of the this project with the after pictures taken 5-years after the project was completed.  PS — we also took out a stone path and replaced with pavestones — again, the completed pictures are 5-years after completion.

PROJECT: Patio Retreat Hardscape

HOME:  Colleyville Home

OBJECTIVE:  Reduce maintenance with a clean looking retreat with privacy



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