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Master Bathroom Remodel — REID-06

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MasterBath Remodel … Objective was to bring light into the shower area from existing skylight (was enclosed) by opening up to the ceiling (12′ faulted ceiling) and enlarge a number of areas as much as possible. Started with removal of … Continue reading


Shower / Tub Update – REAV-02

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Shower Update … As part of a household-wide water leak remediation effort, our client decided to have the shower updated. From the outside, it looked like a straight-forward re-tile effort. Once opened, the years of sheetrock water damage was very … Continue reading


Master Bath Remodel in Euless — DUND-02

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This project started with the client just wanting to replace the glass on the master shower.  When the glass started to be removed, the tile, backer and everything else started falling apart.  What happened was we were on a one-way … Continue reading


Do I Need a Low-Flow Shower Head?

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  Do it Yourself:  Should I install low-flow showerheads in my home?  Is it really worth it? Answer: Absolutely!  A low-flow showerhead can reduce the amount of water you use when showering by up to 30 percent.  You can pick … Continue reading